Thursday, May 11, 2006


So, I get a call from John last week and he tells me that Jennifer is pregnant.  I know he wanted me to be all happy about it for him, but I'm a realist.  He doesn't know what the fuck is about to hit him.  They're both too stubborn to realize what having a child means.  But it's okay.  They can handle it.  I'm not worried about that.  They'll make great parents, I think.

Then, the day after that, a girl I know from way back when runs into me in WalMart.  She introduces me to her new boyfriend and drops the bomb that she, too, is pregnant.  I don't what to think about that.  But she's a good person from all I know, so there you go.

Who am I kidding?  I think anyone that has a kid before they hit thirty is out of their fucking mind.  Oh, it can be done, and quite well.  But I couldn't do it.  I can barely take care of myself. 

Sure, it sounds nice.  But if you really do some deep thinking about it, it's terrifying.  I think John and Jennifer kind of rushed into it, for various reasons.  But whatever.  The other girl?  I don't think she saw it coming, but she is going with the flow.  I seem to remember her saying a couple of months ago that she was not ready for a kid. 

Oh, I've been working as much overtime at work as I can handle.  I could use the money, and I've really got nothing better to do.  I made a "C" in the one class I was taking.  I plan on hitting the ground running in the fall by taking five classes. 

In other news, my romantic life seems to be at an absolute stand-still.  For every step I take forward I seem to take ten back.  I just don't know what to do anymore.  I think I've finally given up. 


all4eyez said...

whoa -
I agree with you about having kids earlier than 30.
The only reason I can say so is becasue I know better.
You sound like you know better as well , possibly because you think straight.

I think , if you are going to bring a child or children into the world ,
you MUST have the time , want to put all that effort in and not be
still in the "me" faze , you know , where persay for instance , you know - if you
are into sleeping late or working many hours because thats something you just
enjoy - kids tend to become a burden for some.
As cute , cuddly and awesome babies are - they are TONS of work and the older they get - the more they cost and the more work they become.
You may think the older they get the easier it gets for you as a parent...
naaa ahhh - I disagree , totally not the case as far as im concerned.
When they get older - they are getting smarter and they begin learning from more
people than just their parents and surrounding family.

Planned pregancy - oh yeah - that is the ticket

My advice about yourromantic life - although you may not agree - i think
"when you are NOT expecting anything to happen that you will want to happen , that is when it WILL happen"
Im a firm believer of that....

Try not to worry

rampage841512 said...

I'll try...

all4eyez said...

good man