Friday, May 12, 2006

Add to that last nearly killing myself....

As if things don't suck enough, I damn near killed myself at work about forty-five minutes ago.  I was getting a pallet off of the top of our bins using a piece of heavy equipment called a 'Walkie Stacker,' which we more commonly refer to as a 'Walker Stacker.'  The second sounds better, don't you think? 

Anyway, I hit the reverse toggle by accident and pinned myself between the bin behind me and this ton and a half contraption that looks a lot like a forklift.  If you're curious, I'm sure you can find a picture of one online somewhere.  I'm a little too tired to go hunting for one or I would provide it.

Needless to say, it was quite painful and could have been deadly.  I managed to un pin myself quickly without suffering (to my knowledge) any permanent damage.  My left ass cheek would disagree, as it is quite tender at the moment.  Anyway, after I freed myself I stepped back and my vision started going.  I completely blacked out for a split second, nearly slamming into the ground before catching myself in mid fall and jumping back up. 

The two guys near me called our manager and I took a seat.  My vision and hearing were kind of fuzzy for about five minutes, but by the time my manager got there I was feeling better.  We filed an incident report just in case I decide I need to see a doctor later, but I don't think that will be necessary. 

In all honesty, this was my own fault.  I should have been more careful of how I positioned my body.  But I was in a hurry and wanted to go home, so I wasn't.  Next time I will be more careful. 

Now, I think I am going to go take a hot shower, or maybe a nice bath. 

Oh, yeah, I've got a new idea for a story and I'm going to jot down some notes on it before I crash.  Maybe I can get it written before I go to work tonight while the idea is still fresh.


all4eyez said...

So glad to hear you werent badly hurt and you are okay...
That sounds like a scary scene

autumnsavril said...

Holy heck!  Yeah, I had my first experience with the truck equipment this week while I was on overtime.  I drove a forklift a LOT for a couple of days--my thighs were killing me up until today.  I also learned to drive a tugger (similar to your walkie, I think), but haven't used it as much.  They're a pain in the rear end to steer anyway.

Glad you're okay, I know those things are powerful and incredibly heavy.  The mast on a forklift alone weighs nearly three hundred pounds.  Lucky you!!!!