Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Stormy Weather, Stormy Mood

I'm bored, very bored.  And I'm not in the best mood on top of that.  I've hung out with that girl, her name's Stacy, and it's been fun.  I went out to dinner with her and a couple of her friends Easter Sunday and then we had a few beers at her apartment last night.  She only lives a few hundred feet away from me. 

Anyway, we had thought about getting together tonight to hang out, but shit sort of piled up.  She has an assload of homework, she has to be at clinicals three hours earlier than usual (she's a nursing student), etc, etc.  She's going to call me if she gets freed up, but I'm not holding my breath.

Another thing that has me kind of bummed is that this girl is dangerous.  She's sweet, and for some reason is interested in me, but she's also got a history, like all of us.  That history worries me a little, though I try and not let things like that bother me.  I like her.  That's the main problem.  I like her.  

Got to be careful.  Fucking games, I hate them.  But you got to play if you want to win.  

I've got to get out of my apartment for a little while, even if there's a fucking storm brewing outside.  I need some air.  I need some ass too.  And a million bucks, (though I'd settle for three or four grand), and a new car, and a better job, and lower rent....

Needs.  We've all got them.  All right.  So I don't really NEED any of that shit.  But I want it.  What I need is an 'easy' button. 

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