Saturday, March 25, 2006

Weird...but good

I had a really weird, but good, dream today.  It was kind of odd.  I was at this party and this girl I've known forever was there.  I've known her since high school, anyway.  She's actually John's cousin.  Anyway, for some random reason we just started making out. 

It was weird because this is the not the type of dream I typically have, although there have been a lot more of them like this lately.  It's also weird because I have not seen her in months.  But I guess that is not really weird, considering that I tend to dream about people when I have not seen them in a while. 

I think it's a good dream for the obvious reasons.  I just wish I hadn't woke up.  I was having fun...

1 comment:

all4eyez said...

lol , i like that - that was one funny dream.
: )
i think - that you are having these types of dreams because you would
REALLY love to be in love.
And have someone for you - you know.