Thursday, March 23, 2006

Pictures of me...

I thought I'd add some pictures of me now.  Believe it or not, I actually thought I was smiling when I took a couple of these.  That should get a laugh out of you.

Oh, and two or maybe three random questions:

How do I put up a picture in the about me section of my journal?

How do I get the cool background graphics for MySpace?  (BTW, Ave, your link isn't working again...thought I'd let you know...I know, I'm being annoying tonight, this morning...whatever)

And finally, why is it that the only women who give me compliments...really, really good compliments...are the ones already in a relationship with someone else?

1 comment:

all4eyez said...

and laugh i will , lol

i didnt see even a "smirk" in any of the pics , lol

But they are all great , i thank you for sharing.
You look great , even though you are not smiling , and by the way - your place - if that is where you took the pics , looks really cool and interesting - lots of reading things  , many shelves full of cool stuff and things to look at - im down with the eye candy , cant get enough....and i always say , if theres much to look at - and its mostly of intellectual , cool things - Its Eye Candy.

my answer to your question one , I would add a picture to a journal entry and then copy and paste it on your "about me" section - that should work.

my answer to your question two - in my opinion , that is one of the few things that sucks about AOL - you cant use the myspace graffics on here  , at least not the backgrounds. You can , infact use the gifs , either copy & paste or hot link :p

my answer to your question three - i think that the only chicks that give you the "good" compliments that happen to be in relationships , are the smart ones ....i mean , they already know where its at.
And a lot of the time , chicks are in relationships that they put their all into and they feel like they are the only ones putting their all in out of the couple....makes sense?
i hope so.
So , you know , they see the "big picture" when it comes to how someone is - their personality , consideration , confidence , compassion , yadda yadda