Thursday, March 30, 2006

Couch Bum

I admit it.  I really like that song.  And I love the video.  I'm a guy and I would kill for her body! 

Anyway, I don't know what this entry is about, but I was sitting on my couch and remembered I was still online.  I'd been downloading some stuff and since I have dial-up it takes forever.  I see that my friend is also online but has her away message up.  She's HOT!  I just thought I'd throw that out there.  Cause it's true. 

The Bodyguard is on tv right now.  It's a good movie, and I haven't seen it in a long time.  I've actually been thinking of buying it lately, but I didn't.  Maybe I will. 

I did a little shopping today.  I bought some t-shirts, CDs, and a couple of DVDs.  I got Eminem's new CD, and a couple of older ones.  I'm tired.  And I guess I should be.  It's after midnight.  I didn't realize it was that late.  No wonder I'm hungry again.  I cooked some steaks tonight, but they were not that good.  I think it was the marinade.  I have yet to find one that is worth a damn.  Or maybe I need to get a grill and stop broiling my steaks.  It could be that.  I don't know.

I sent those two stories off first thing this morning.  Well, I worked out a little bit and then sent them off.  I hadn't lifted weights in a while and felt like I needed to get back into it.  I'll do it for a month, and then quit for a month.  I need to stick with it.  But that's me.  I do so much that I run out of time/energy.  Or I just get into those funks where I can't do anything buy lay on the couch. 

I do that a lot.  Laying on my couch, I mean.  It's a nice couch though, and I figure I should get all the use out of it I can.  But I've been neglecting my bed.  Well, I didn't neglect my bed last night.  I finally got around to putting on my new sheets.  They are so soft, it's like heaven.  Too bad I'm the only one who is enjoying them. 

Oh, well.  I think I'm going to go eat something.  I just don't know what yet.  I need to clean up my kitchen too, but that can wait until tomorrow.  I hope I get plenty of sleep.  I'm already dreading going back to work.  Lovely.


autumnsavril said...

Have you received word back yet on your stories??


rampage841512 said...

Not yet, but it hasn't been that long.  It usually takes at least a couple of weeks.  Hopefully soon...and hopefully good news, but I'm not really thinking about it.