Monday, February 27, 2006

Robert's Picks

Some fuck-nut reset my counter.  I hate when that happens.  Fucking AOHell.

What I'm reading:  The First Crusade by Steven Runciman (good...non-fiction)

                High Druid of Shannara: Staken by Terry Brooks (good...still)

                How the West Was Won by Louis L'Amour (good)


My dvd pick of the week:  Deadwood, the complete first season (excellent)

What I'm watching on tv:  CNN (good, bad, ugly...that's the news)

What I'm listening to:  Sounds of Summer by the Beach Boys  (excellent greatest hits cd)


all4eyez said...

that same shit happened to a lot of people
as soon as I could see my counter again ,
after months of seeing just  a small box with a red X in it
where the numbers SHOULD have been -
the counter reads 00008
To hell with that!

hey you got a lot of different stuff going
prit- tay interestng

jhileb said...

i got locked out from my journal last night.  even though i was using aohell as my browser, it kept treating me like i went in through explorer?!? oh i got to go back and check my counter to see if it got reset?!?:)