Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Finally, I am off again.  I need the break.  I'm going nuts.  Works sucks.  I hate it.  I want to quit.  I can't.  At least I got that raise.  But we are going to have a new manager over the grocery dept. and she is a major bitch.  Ah, well.

I owe my grandfather $550.  There goes most of my tax return.  I mailed that yesterday.  I did my taxes myself with that TurboTax shit.  It was easy, and only cost me about $35.  Most people I talked to were shelling out about $50 or more.  I actually owed Alabama $7.  Fucking cheap bastards.

So I'll get to keep about $280 of what I get back.  But that's okay.  I should be getting a anywhere from $500 to a $1,000 from WalMart in March.  They do a bonus check for the people that work there based on the stores profits.  Some get none, but mine is the best, because I work there.  And I'm the greatest grocery stocker of the all!

Yeah, I realize I'm more free with my financial status than most people, but that's because I could give a shit.  It's not like someone is going to try to steal it or look down on me because of it.  At least I don't think any of my readers would.  But that's me.

I put new wheels and tires on the car I am driving this morning.  They are newer and nicer than the ones I had.  But I also found out the car needs $1,200 worth of work.  My grandfather said, "Well, if it has to be done..."  It's his car, I'm just using it, so he is footing the bill for all this, which is very cool of him. 

I went to class yesterday on two hours of sleep.  It sucked.  Stephanie didn't show up, and she had my book.  She was supposed to bring it back to me.  I'm actually talking to her right now.  She says she'll bring it by sometime today.  No big deal.  I'll get over it. 

Fuck.  I didn't get much sleep after class, so I was tired at work all night.  And on top of that one of the cuter cashier's decided to steal a radio from electronics and come dance in my dept. (she was helping out cause we were short).  I love the way that girl moves.  But I don't love what it did to me.  She was teasing on purpose.  I'll get over it.


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all4eyez said...

i know how you feel about working , it gets repetitive and boring
hang in there , you know the plan
stay strong and focused , you can do it

yeah....tax returns , gotta love that, no matter how small it may be

*YEAH!!! for the greatest grocery stocker - give that man a BONUS!

dont worry , i wont be tracking you down to rob you , hahahahaha

that is the best - you are driving his car so HE pays for any repairs.
That TOTALLY works , right?

ugh , no sleep - man , do i know how that is....
its really hard to do anything on a lack of sleep
it seems like everyday i like that