Monday, December 26, 2005

I'm so lost...

I was in a pretty good mood all last night.  The reason, I think, is because I saw Stephanie and was able to give her her Christmas presents (I got her Episode III on dvd and some gold earrings).  She came over with John and Jennifer...and Jeremy.  I resisted the urge to 187 his ass...but anyway..

John came to buy a jacket I had that he really wanted.  I don't wear it so much so I sold it to him.  While they were here Stephanie saw her presents and wanted to open them.  I kind of wanted her to wait because I didn't want it to be in front of everyone else.  I think she got that because she grabbed me and dragged me off into my room so we could be alone. 

She opened them and seemed really happy to get them.  She was kind of blushing and she was smiling the whole time.  She laughed her ass off when she saw that her dvd was in a huge box mostly filled with newspapers to make it heavy.  She was happy, and I did that.  It put me in suck a good mood.  It's putting me in a good mood just thinking about it. 

I came home and went to sleep almost from the moment I sat back on my couch at around seven-thirty.  I got up a little after four and was getting ready for a shower when John called. 

I went and had dinner with him and Jennifer, and then we went to WalMart and Old Navy.  I returned my forty dollar headphones since they were falling apart.  I'm going to get some more though, I think.  At Old Navy Jennifer bought a bunch of clothes.  I got a fleece pullover, a polo shirt, and a sweater because they were all on sale. 

I realized also that I'll be able to cover my tuition myself.  I still might have to borrow a little from my grandfather to cover bills, but it will be okay.  I'm going to survive my crisis of the month.  I'm a survivor, no one can deny that. 

Well, time to go fight the crowd at work. 


autumnsavril said...

I am SO happy that you're happy!!!!!!!!

You deserve some happiness, you really, truly do.

Hahaha, I love what you did with the DVD . . .

Hey, she *does* have her ears pierced, right?  I can't tell you how many times my own mom has gotten me earrings for Christmas and I have to say, "Mom, I don't have my ears pierced . . . "

I think if I ever get anything on my body pierced it'll be my navel.  I have no desire to put a hole anywhere else.



rampage841512 said...

Happy may be too strong a word for how I feel.  Besides, it's not really a constant thing and I'm still waking up and cringing when I realize the last four months hasn't been some nightmare.

Yes, her ears are pierced.  She wears earrings every day.  I'm not that clueless, sweetheart.

all4eyez said...

Very nice that being able to give Stephanie your gift to her and she knew  in private would be best - and then her reaction to the whole situation made you estatic.
That is fantastic!

and frickin'about time! LOL

What did Stephanie give you for Christmas?....if you do not mind me asking , and if I have missed an entry where you wrote that already - sorry for my idiosity.

Sweeeeet - you will be able to pay your own way through school , Super Fantastic!

Glad you are at ease and brushing yet another crisis under the carpet.

You're a survivor!!!

rampage841512 said...

I don't know what she got me yet.  She's going to call me later tonight and then come over.