Sunday, November 13, 2005

Work sucks sucks sucks

I really am growing to the point where I may just say to hell with it and quit my job on the spot.  There is far too much bullshit there for me to put up with it for much longer.  The problem, of course, is me.

I like to do things the right way.  Everyone else likes to do things the easiest way possible. 

My boss has got on this kick of trying to make me smile.  "Smile, Robert," he says every time I see him.  I tell him in all honesty that I have nothing to smile about.  And besides that, I am not a smiler.  Even when I do smile, I sometimes get asked why I'm glaring.  It's just not me to smile all the time.  I smile rarely, if at all.  If I'm smiling a lot I am usually really enjoying myself or thinking of killing someone (in which case that smile never reaches my eyes). 

My boss started his smile thing today after pissing me off.  I was frustrated, tired, and sore and he told me I was going to have to do more work that I shouldn't have had to do because our truck was late.  He started his smile shit and I almost hit him.  I came so close to breaking his fucking jaw.  A simple, swift upper-cut would have done the job nicely.  Not to have mentioned wiped the shit eating grin off of his face.  The fucker tells me I'm going to have to break my back when I shouldn't have too and then smiles about it.  Fucking prick, I almost killed him

Normally, I like the guy.  Any other manager and I would have said, "Fuck you and goodbye."  Any other manager and I might very well be resting my ass in a jail cell right now, or worse.  But this is getting to be too much, and I told him so.  I have got to get another job soon.  If I hold out a couple more months I can get another job and take a paid vacation right before I quite.


jhileb said...

lol....the smile thing is killing me!!  too damn funny, and i know just what your talking about from my younger years of working.  what really used to get me is when no one would do anything and i'd get stuck pulling it all together on a closing shift....and then the saying, "don't take it personally"?!?  that used to really boil me.  when screwups refuse to pull their own weight and get done stuff and then i used to get stuck doing can one not take that personally??  as those morons knew someone would have to do their stuff??  anyways...yup typical work nonsense.

you sound stressed to the max.  i think you got maybe too much on your plate to deal with between job/school/girls/fun/etc.  you sound like a vacation would do you some good...maybe your plan at the end isn't such a bad idea? just a thought.  


rampage841512 said...

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