Thursday, November 24, 2005

Well, I went...

I did go to my grandfather's.  And I was right, the food was good.  They had already eaten when I got there, but I made myself a plate and enjoyed.  It was kind of nice, and kind of uncomfortable.  That's no longer home, I know that much.  It was weird to realize that. 

I talked to my grandfather about the savings bond deal, and since he was sober he didn't bitch and moan about it.  He didn't even flinch.  He just wrote a check to take care of it.  That was nice of him.  He also gave me a bottle of Scotch and a hundred and fifty bucks for Christmas.  That was kind of nice of him too, and I wasn't expecting it. 

I used a little bit of it to buy a couple of things I needed/wanted.  I think I am going to save the rest for my birthday.  I really don't want to go back to work tonight.  That is going to suck. Another week of work.  I really need some better off days too. 

I'm feeling rather lonely right about now.  That sucks too.  There is so much I need that I don't have, and so much I have that I don't need. 

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all4eyez said...

glad to hear that you had a nice plate of food , sorry to hear that you were uncomfortable

It was very nice of your grandfather to write you a check to cover the bonds deal and equally nice for his xmas gift to you.
Glad to hear he was sober as well.

Oh nooooo , you have to work tonight???
That stinks....but then again , it does have its good side.

Cheer up!

Hey I know all about needing what you dont have and having what you dont need.
Dont worry - all will work out
I know it will...