Monday, November 21, 2005

To Hell With It!

I got a new MP3 player.  I spent a couple of hours loading my music onto it, and then I let it charge all day just like you are supposed to.  And guess what?  It doesn't work.  It won't even come on.  So fuck it.  In the morning when I get off work I am returning this one and keeping the money.  I can find something more interesting to spend it on. 

Sometimes I love technology.  Other times, I hate it. 

Oh, and I've changed my mind about work.  Considering I'm going to have an extra hundred and thirty bucks anyway I'm not going to work Monday.  And I also realized I'll only get two hours of double time.  That's okay though, since I've stayed late every day this week.  So I should get my forty this week, anyway.  I'll use the money from the returned MP3 player to buy Christmas presents with. 

I know what I'm getting for John.  That's easy.  Cash so he can finish his tattoo.  I have no clue what to get for Jennifer or Stephanie.  Jennifer I'll figure out, but Stephanie is going to be a little tough, though I do have an idea or two.  I'm thinking maybe some earrings from this little store she likes.  They won't be too expensive, but at the same time they won't be cheap either.


all4eyez said...

Sounds like you have your sights on some very nice and considerate Xmas gifts , thats really nice:)

What the heck with the MP3 player???
How is it not working?
It's new right?

I recently got this program for my computer , as I have a huge music collection on CD , cassette tapes and vinyl - so I am able to transfer my cassette tapes and vinyl onto CDs.
I am totally stoked about it...It works really good and its a cinch to work.
it makes me think technology ROCKS!
And it also makes me sorry to hear that you took all the time to transfer all your music to your MP3 player and the darn thing aint working.

But , if you have returned it , I am sure you can find something just as cool to spend the cash on.
To hell with MP3 players!

rampage841512 said...

My only conclusion is that the battery must have become completely drained (I don't know how) or the player was fried when I plugged it up to charge (again, I don't know how).