Sunday, November 6, 2005

This could be very interesting...

I said I was going to look into that Medieval Reenactment thing, right?   Well I did.   And I learned a few things.  The whole thing is sponsored by the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism).  There are many kingdoms all over the world.  The one I find myself smack dab in the middle of is the Kingdom of Meridies.  It comprises most of the South ("Meridies" translates roughly from Latin to "the South").

Specifically I am in the THE BARONY OF IRON MOUNTAIN.  It covers all of Birmingham and a lot of the surrounding areas including Fultondale (where I live) and Gardendale (where I work).  I first found out about this from a guy at work named Rob.  He is a huge man.  I mean this literally.  He must stand at least 6'5" and weigh close to 300 lbs.  I am not kidding. 

Anyway, he had some leather armor at work for his Halloween costume one day and I asked where he got it.  He said, "I made it."  I had to pester him for the rest of the night at for more details, but eventually he told me about all of this.  There is something going on November 12 that I was going to go to with him, but he got Alabama v. LSU tickets so he is not going. 

The barony has weekly meetings every Tuesday not too far from here.  I am thinking of going this week to learn some more about all this.  The website say visitors are always welcome to just drop by.  I want to talk to Rob about it first, though. 

This could be the beginning of something really fun.  I guess we'll see.  Here we go on another adventure.  Hopefully it will have a happier ending than the last....


jhileb said...

i'm a member of the scca....not quite the same though, lol.:)

i used to go to those medival fairs with the sword fights, human chess, and whatnot...when i was a sarasota, fl at the ringley museum....same thing?  i mean does this organization participate in things like that?

anyways...can't say i ever heard of it, but it's amazing to me what's out there....a big world full of stuff....hard to be bored if you look around, eh?:)


rampage841512 said...

From what I know so far, it is a lot like that.  The whole idea is to basically recreate a medieval atmosphere.  I, myself, am most interested in the battles.  They are supposed to be like tournament melees, basically a free for all.  But from what I understand you have to get certified before you can fight.  I'm willing to put in the time if I can get involved.