Monday, November 14, 2005

Sprint PCS Sucks!

I just found out that my cell phone has been out of service for three days.  Three motherfucking days!  I use my cell as my primary phone.  I do have a phone in my apartment, but I don't have an answering machine and I'm usually online all the time.  Just by random chance my friend managed to get throught this afternoon.  He told he has been trying to call me for three days. 

Those fuckers at Sprint didn't send me a text message like they are supposed too.  So I had no idea because I rarely call anyone.  Apparently John and Jennifer and some others went camping this past weekend (in my camping spot without telling my, the fucking assholes!) and our friend Logan stabbed himself in the foot with his bayonet.  He no longer has any feeling in his big toe.  I can't remember if it is the right or left. 

I called Stephanie, and she has tried calling me a couple of times too.  This really sucks big asshole.  I hate missing calls.   It really fucking sucks.  Now I feel like I've been stranded on a desert isle for three days and have to try and catch up with my life.  Bastards. 

Someone could have come by my work, or my apartment.  Assholes. 

I slept through my class today, because of the leak I was too tired to go.  Now I don't know what I made on my last exam.  And now I'm hungry, and I had to put a big balance on my new visa because my debit card wasn't charged last month for my bill.  I don't know what that means, but my bank should have contacted me weeks ago if I was overdrawn, so I think it was some SNAFU by Sprint.  I am so fucking angry right now it is not even funny. 

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