Wednesday, November 2, 2005

So-so day so far...

Today has been so-so so far.  I woke up around nine-thirty and watched some tv.  I also did a little shopping on (thanks J!).  I just picked up a couple of books, but I've wanted to get them for a while, so it all worked out quite nice.  I wanted to get this dvd that come out, but I can only pre-order it, and that's just a waste of time.  It will cost just as much if I buy it in January.

Not long after that Stephanie called me.  She was at work and bored out of her mind.  Her job involves mostly a lot of sitting and doing nothing.  Occassionally she has to fit someone for a mask to prevent transmission of TB, etc. (she works at UAB hospital). 

Anyway, she was bored and called me.  We talked for a few minutes and I decided to go hang out with her.  I also took her lunch.  She has the bad habit of skipping breakfast.  I'd just ate, or I would have got something too.  And I just remembered she forgot to give me money for her lunch.  I'll get it out of her later.

I kicked back with her until two, when she got off.  We basically just chatted and looked at stuff online.  She found one of her old high school crushes/friends on facebook and was talking to him a little.  He's in Dallas right now, and I told her she should ask him if he wanted to get together when she goes to visit some family for the holidays.  She said that wouldn't be appropriate since he is in a relationship.  I pointed out that she was too, and they were just friends.  She said his girlfriend probably wouldn't approve.  Seems weird to me.  I'd want to see her if I hadn't in four years.  But oh, well.  Not my problem.

Now I'm sitting in a classroom waiting to take my U.S. history exam.  I've got about ten minutes.  I've studied a pretty good bit, and it shouldn't be too hard, but I don't know.  I guess we'll see soon.  This is all so fun . 

Tomorrow I have to go to all of my classes.  I need too, and I kind of have/want to.  I want to go to archaeology to see Heather and to find out how I did on a quiz we took, I have a paper due in World History, and I need to go to philosophy because I am already behind (I think I failed the test we had yesterday) plus Stephanie should be there. 

I want to go play pool tonight, but not alone.  I think I'll call Michelle from work in alast attempt to find someone to go with.  Heather probably has to work.  Shit.  I also have to call Jenni.  She's pissed at me for something I said while I was drunk.  Stupid me.

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