Monday, November 21, 2005

SII strikes again...

I am watching The Punisher for about the third time in a row right now.  I really do love this movie.  I am extremely tired, but I am also in the middle of a little spellwork that can't be left unattended at the moment, so I'll be up for a while longer.  It requires a bit of constant concentration.  If you focus on a painful moment in your life over and over and over, you eventually go numb to it.  It's an odd sensation, but it works.

Anyway, I came home from work today, showered, and went to John's house.  I took him to the doctor and he had his cast changed.  He is doing a lot better than he could have been and can put some weight on his foot, which is excellent since he only has the one.  After being at the doctors' office for a couple of hours we picked some lunch up at Dairy Queen and then went back to his house.  We ate and then John started playing (I find this hilarious) The Punisher on Xbox.  It looked like a pretty cool game, and he offered me the chance to play, but I passed.  It's Jeremy's Xbox, and I just wouldn't have felt at all right using it.  Breaking it, on the other hand...that might have felt nice.

John played for hours until Jennifer got home.  I almost nodded off a few times.  I chit chatted with the two of them for a little while, and we were all bored out of our minds.  Going to the mall was brought up, but I was just too tired for that.  I had too much to do here. 

The Punisher is almost over.  I think I am going to pop in The Boondock Saints next.  It is another excellent movie that everyone should see.


all4eyez said...

Hey,....I seen The Punisher at the movies and I thought "The Punisher Rocks!"

Hmmm....  Boondock Saints , do tell about that one wont you?
I have no idea about it.

autumnsavril said...

Aw, man, that movie ROCKS my SOCKS!  (The Boondock Saints that is)

All4Eyez, if you haven't seen it, you're missing out.

Robert, which spell is this?  Guess I'm gonna have to hop over to The Wizard's Tome next and try to figure it out.

all4eyez said...

It's that good huh?
I MUST be missing out!
I'll have to check it out.