Wednesday, November 16, 2005

It's about damned time...

Finally, after contacting AOHell's LiveHelp six gods be damned times I seem to be able to add entries again.  My last post was via instant message which only allows so much.

Anyway, I got a response from Fantasy and Science Fiction magazine.  My story, Satisfaction, was rejected.  I'm not surprised, but I must admit a certain feeling of disappointment.  There was always some small part of me that hoped.

I almost wish I could approach women with this same shrug my shoulders and move on attitude.  It would certainly make things easier.  However, if, in a few years, this writing thing doesn't seem to pan out or just stops being fun I can put it aside. 

Something can never be put aside, though.

I've actually been doing more than just sitting at home on my off days, for once.  Last night I went to John and Jennifer's and watched Stealth (which was good except for two plot elements which I found myself unable to swallow, namely two suicides).  I also watched part of Madagascar until I felt I needed to leave so I wouldn't fall asleep on the drive home. 

Tonight we went and did a little shopping.  First we went to Kohl's, where I bought a black Columbia skullcap which I've been wanting for a while.  John and Jennifer didn't get anything.  We went to the mall next.  I didn't get anything there but John and Jennifer bought a couple of Christmas presents. 

I need to do a little Christmas shopping myself.  I've always liked giving gifts.  Still, I don't think this is going to be the best Christmas I've had in a while.  Since August, I've been misreable more times than not.  Fun is hard to come by, and when I find myself laughing it is usually at someone else's pain and misery. 

I'm trying though.  I'm trying to live life and enjoy it.  I'm trying to enjoy what I have.  But it's hard when you feel like you have nothing. 

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all4eyez said...

Glad to see that you are up and writing again.
Really nice how when AOl is fixing things on journals and noone knows why you are having problems with it!

Sorry to hear that your story got turned down , but I think as long as you enjoy writing you should not let the turn-downs get to you.
Keep trying , because I know , eventually someone will publish something you have written - as long as you keep writing and being open minded about it all.

Keep up the good work!!

MADAGASCAR ....was SO cute and funny.
But not worth falling asleep on the way home , hahaha

It's good to get out and walk around with friends and go shopping and all that.

Hey , I have a black skullcap too!
|I LOVE it!!!
Its not Columbia , but it will do , hahahahah
Rock on....

Oh no....Christimas....makes me go broke.
Be cause I really like to give gifts too , hahahah

I am glad to hear that you are trying to enjoy yourself , stay positive!