Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Answers for J's contest

1.  To be honest, I've heard nothing about this.  But I kind of like the idea.  It seems like it would be more fair than the system we have now.  I don't really know, though.  Whether I actually supported it or not would depend on a lot factors, like how and when and what for and how much the sales tax could be raised.  It would be a big change, and because of that it makes me a little nervous, but change isn't a bad thing, usually.  But I'd still be paying state and local income tax, so that would suck.  If they got rid of all income tax it would be more appealing.  I mean, I already pay sales tax locally and the state could easily tack on to that. 

2.  I've been trying to think of why it would matter what your credit score is in factoring insurance risk, but I can't really think of a good one.  I mean, if you don't pay your premium you are not covered, so that's not a worry.  Sure, you might torch your house or your car when the payments suddenly become more than the heap is worth, but I really doubt that happens often enough to worry about.  The risk is too great and investigators are pretty good.  It seems like just another way make the bottom line look a little better, but then again it might hurt their business by causing them to have less clients who will never file claims.

3.  To this one, I have to say yes.  It's much better.  The reason why is technology.  Most of the problems we have today have been faced by human societies for all of recorded history (political turmoil, crime, poverty, hunger, war, etc.).  But technology is making a lot of those things less of a problem than they were.  I like being able to connect with people all over the world using this computer, and I like having hundreds of songs to listen to on my MP3 player.  The idea of traveling in space has always been a dream of mine and we are actaully moving toward private corporations doing space tourism.  There are other reasons things are better now too.  Discrimination is dying it's slow death, but it is dying.  I'd like to think it's on its death bed.  We are at war, true, and in my opinion for stupid reasons (I favor using terrorists tactics against terrorists and their sponsor states, not conventional warfare, but that's not the issue here), but there is not a draft as there was for Korea and Vietnam.  For the most part, I think things are good.  But I also think I should mention that I think we are in a kind of social recession.  I think we are falling back on old ideologies to combat the fact that the world is changing rapidly.  I think that's dangerous, but I'm hoping it will work out in the end.  I honestly don't think at twenty, even being a history major, that I can really say whether things are better or not.  In a way they are, in a way they aren't, and in others they are the same.  Ask me a similar question in thirty years and I might have a better answer, but I doubt it.

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