Monday, November 21, 2005

Another Random Confession

We all have fantasies.  Probably the most common kind is the sexual fantasy.  No one can honestly deny having those.  Mine have ranged from school teachers to my friend's wife.  Do I feel guilty about them?  Not a damn bit.  There is a difference between fantasy and reality, doing and thinking about doing.

But here is an odd one:  I often find myself fantasizing about committing crimes, and not without a great deal of excitement.  The crimes are all usually big things too, from bank robberies to murders.  While I admit that after having them I sometimes find myself sick to my stomach, while I'm having them I can't deny the excitement they entail.  It's quite disconcerting at times.  Usually they are the result of me wondering about "what if's"...such as, "what if I had nothing to lose?"


all4eyez said...

I am kidding because I know you are serious.

I've never thought about robbing a bank  , because to me - its like gambling.

I think you are having  normal fantasies here and your reaction to them are equally normal.
With everything that you speak of that is going on in your life , I am quite sure it must be really easy for your mind to be wandering.

autumnsavril said...

If writers didn't dream up this sort of stuff, we'd have few good books and movies.  Totally natural.