Tuesday, October 11, 2005

And by the way...

Remember awhile back when I said I sent a story off to see if I could get it published?  Well, I got my first rejection slip a week ago.  I've been meaning to mention it, but I'd forgotten until now.  I'm trying to put some other stuff together, but I have not done it yet. 

I want to enter into Playboy's college writer's contest.  There is a lot of money if you win.  Anyone who places at all get a free year's subscription.  But the winner gets cash, plus publication in Playboy.  And if you don't know, that is a very big coup for a writer.  I could pick up an agent based just on that.  And that would be great.

I've got until next March, I think.  And I've got some ideas.  I'm thinking of going with a modern crime type story.  Maybe a bank heist or something like that.  Maybe some broke college student will knock over the WalMart he works at. 

In the mean time, I want to get some of the other stuff I've written polished up and ready to submit for publication.  I need to get a list of a couple of magazines to send them off to.  I've got a book that has some listed in the back.

I also want to pick up this book called How To Write A Dirty Story.  It has a lot of information on getting erotica published.  It would be nice to get one of those stories picked up.  I enjoy writing them the most, although it's been a while since I did one.   I used to do a couple a month. 


autumnsavril said...

At this point I'd kill for a rejection slip, as that would mean I was officially on the market.  I have been sooooo lazy lately with my writing, and I don't want it to get like my magic.  With magic I have completely lost interest (for the time being, anyway), but I don't want to lose that with my writing.  Writing is much more important to me.


autumnsavril said...

By the by, ROFL on the whole college kid robbing the Wal-Mart thing.  ;)  You are *too* cute.