Sunday, September 11, 2005

Somethings not right

I just started and finished a regional qualifier for the College Poker Championship in one hand.  I swear I had a pair of Queens.  Someone made a big bet.  I rechecked my Queens and then called it.  I was reraised and I went all in with him.  He had K-10 and when I looked back up at my cards I had Q-10!  What the fuck! 

The flop came absolutely ragged and I lost.  I don't know what the fuck happened.  I don't know if my vision is still a little blurry because of just waking up or my cards changed.  I would never have went all in on Q-10.  This sucks.  There were only a hundred and sixty-five people playing.  I could have easily been one of the top 5% to qualify.

This sucks.  I was looking forward to having a little fun and maybe actaully winning.  There wouldn't be a cash prize, but it was a qualifier.  I don't know if I'll be able to qualify again. 

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