Wednesday, August 10, 2005

A small break

I worked last night to make up the time I took off Saturday.  It was well worth it.  Last night was pretty easy for a change, except for the by-the-book just-out-of-training manager.  I kept wanting to tell him that he was the new guy, and that the rest of us know how to do our jobs.  Somehow I don't think he would have taken that very well. 

I didn't do much yesterday except sleep.  Stephanie called me yesterday afternoon and we talked for a little while.  Mainly we just talked about school and our plans for law school.  Someone told her she needed to start applying early and she wanted my opinion on what "early" was.  I told her probably six months.  She asked me if I had started applying anywhere yet and I told her I still have at least two years of school left.  I think she said she had one, but that she wanted to stretch it out into two. 

That was pretty much the sum of the conversation.  I lost my signal while we were talking and called her right back.  When I did she told me she just realized she had to be at work in a couple of minutes and was probably going to be late, so she had to go.  I'd have liked to have talked to her longer, but I'll have plenty of opportunity later.  I might even call her this afternoon to see if she made it to work on time.

I'm kind of anxious for school to start again.  I'm looking forward to my new classes.  I've got a philosophy class called Race, Class, and Gender with Stephanie.  I'm also taking two histories, U.S. History to 1877 and World History.  Last but not least, I'm taking Intro. to Archaeology.  I'm really interested in how that last one is going to be.  I hope it's fun and interesting.  If it is I might have a new minor.  Who knows?

I priced all of my books at the UAB bookstore and on  Except for one book they are all about the same after you factor in S&H.  I'm going to check the prices at Snoozey's, another bookstore near UAB, before I buy them.  Even if I have to pay full price and get all new books I'll still come out cheaper than what I have budgeted.  I'll have a little extra money to do something with. 

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