Wednesday, August 3, 2005


I've got lots of plans.  I like having plans.  It's nice to have a plan and go through with it, making changes as you go because you always have to.  A plan should always be flexible.  If it's not, then it's less than useless.  The world is constantly in motion, constantly changing, and so your plans must be like water and fit in whatever container you're given.

Now, on to my plans.  They're nothing big, just typical stuff that I feel writing about because the aftermath will be probably be in future entries.

First thing is my plan for tonight.  I don't have to work and I wanted to do something besides sit at home doing nothing.  I went out and rented the director's cut of Alexander first.  I also bought some burgers to cook.  I need meat.  I never realized how much until I lived on a budget.  The more red meat the happier I am.

I thought about inviting John and Jennifer over, but I thought I'd invite Stephanie first.  She told me she had to work until nine tonight, and I said that was too bad.  Then she asked if I could wait until nine, and I said sure.  So no John and Jennifer.  Stephanie is supposed to call me at four to let me know if she is coming.  If she says she's not I'll see if John and Jennifer want to come over.  Either way I'm going to have something to do tonight.

I asked off Saturday so I could hang out with John for his birthday.  I bought him a bottle of Absinthe, which I'm hoping he'll share.  So I intend to get trashed Saturday.  Hopefully we'll have some other things to drink too.  I don't know what else we'll do.  I know his mother has a lunch planned for him that day for family.  I don't think he's to enthusiastic about it, but it sounds nice.  He's lucky to have a mother to do something like that for him.

Okay, so there are my plans.  For now anyway.  Things always change.


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autumnsavril said...

Let me know about the party.