Sunday, August 7, 2005

No dinner and a movie?

So, what's my plan for a date with Stephanie?  I don't really know yet.  Dinner and a movie is out until later though, lol.  We've done that number before just as friends.  I want something a little more unique.  I'm not really sure what though.  I need to brainstorm.

There is always the Birmingham Art museum.  I like that place, and going there for a date could be fun.  I'm not sure if Stephanie would be interested though.  I don't know if she likes art.  Which is kind of odd, since I know her fairly well. 

I could also invite her swimming and grill.  That would be fun too, but would depend on the weather.  It might be something to save for later though. 

There isn't much to do in Alabama.  If this was LA or NY I could think of about a hundred different things to do.  I guess I need to look up some stuff online for Birmingham.  That's probably a good idea.

Any ideas are appreciated. 

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