Sunday, August 14, 2005

I thought this would be a dissappointment

Okay, I just woke up a few mintues ago and I had pretty much decided I was going to wait until tomorrow to call Stephanie.  I was king of hoping she would call me.  I fucking hate calling people.  I always feel weird about it. 

Then I got online, thinking to write some boring journal entry.  Well, I was wrong about the boring part.  I had two emails.  One from Avril containing her recipe (thanks again!), and the other was from telling me I had a new message.  I went to see what the message was and it turns out it's from some girl, I guess I should say woman as she's 24 and older than me, who lives in Birmingham.  I guess she wants to hook up or something.  She's hot, but not exactly what I like.  And not what I want now anyway.  She wants me to email her, and I guess I will.  I'm going to tell her all I can offer is to be friends at the moment, but that could change. 

Now, just for the record.  I don't want that to change, but I don't want to be an ass either.  What I want is to date Stephanie because she is more than just some hot girl who saw me on a website.  She's my friend, and I care about her and I want her to become more.  So there.

I just called her too.  Yeah, I changed my mind about waiting.  I figured I should call her anyway.  I need to talk to her and find out what's up.  I'm patient and all, but I need to know something.  If worst comes to worst I won't talk to her until Thursday when classes start at UAB.

Here I go trying to avoid drama and it finds me anyway, even if it's just a little drama.  Still, I guess it's kind of flattering to get that message, but at the same time I wish I hadn't.  I wouldn't feel so weird right now.  Damn it all.

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