Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Do you know how hard it is to come up with a new and unique title for each entry I post.  I just spent five minutes gazing blankly at the screen trying so come up with...something.  I guess I'm just tired.

I worked Monday night and then stayed up all day Tuesday.  I wanted go out and have breakfast and then do a little shopping.  I came home, showered and shaved, and then I hit the road.  I went to Cracker Barrel first to get something to eat.  I got my usual, which is bisquits and gravy with sausage.  There was this really cute waitress there who took my drink order.  Unfortunatly I never got the chance to do more than give her my order because a different waitress, one not so cute, brought my drink and took the rest of my order.  I was dissappointed by that, but the food was still good.

I payed my check and then headed out the door.  I drove the first store I wanted to visit, Marshall's.  I wanted to get a couple of CK t-shirts since they have them so cheap there.  I got lucky and found them on sale.  I'm guessing it was for Father's Day.  Anyway, it helped me out. 

I went to Kohl's next, since I was in the area.  I didn't really know of anything I wanted to buy there, but I thought I would go look around.  It was a waste of time.  I didn't see anything I liked, so I went into Sam's Club. 

I did find a few things I wanted at Sam's.  I bought The Essential Steve McQueen collection.  I'm watching Bullitt right now.  I also bought a poker game for my computer so I can try and keep my skills sharp since I never get to play with my friends anymore.  I can't play online because banks are refusing transactions with 'gaming sites.'  It really bites.

On my way home I three movies, Seven Years in Tibet, Assualt on Precinct 13, and Hitch.  I watched Seven Years in Tibet first.  It was pretty good.  I had just started Assualt on Precinct 13 when Jennifer called me to see if I wanted to go swimming.  She and Jeremy came over about thirty minutes later and we went to the pool.  We were out there for about two hours.  It was nice.

I ended up going to see Mr. and Mrs. Smith again that night with John, Jennifer, and Jeremy.  I actually wanted to go see it again so it worked out.  Like I said, it's an excellant movie.  The only problem was that I had been up for about thirty hours by the time the movie started and I began to nod off between the action scenes.  I needed something to help me focus and stay awake so I started chewing gum.  It worked perfectly.  Good thing too, because I was driving home.

After the movie I came home and did some luandry.  I slept most of the night and got up around ten in the morning  today.  I needed to go to the mall for a few things.  I ended up buying a couple of shirts and a pair of pants for myself while I was there.  However, the reason I needed to got was to get Jennifer's birthday presents.  Her birthday is Friday and I said I while back that I was going to getting her a meat tenderizer and a cutting board.  She needs them both.  My sister's birthday is also Friday.  I'm got her a card and I am giving her twenty dollars. 

When I got home I noticed one of my shirts still had the security thing on it that squirts ink everywhere if you try and force it off.  I was pissed.  Jennifer called me a little while later to ask if I wanted to go to the mall.  I laughed, and told her about the shirt.  I was glad I got to take care of that today, and Jeremy drove  so I didn't have to worry about that. 

All in all it hasn't been a bad weekend, but I still don't want to go back to work tomorrow night.  Even if I do get payed.

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