Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The Last Week Or So

For the last week or so I've mostly worked, read, and slept.  I have not seen any of my friends in over a week, except of course for those friends I've made at work.  It kind of sucks, because Jeremy is supposed to have a phone number for me.  The prick.  I guess I should call him, but I have not felt like it.  Every time I think of calling him I figure I'll see him.

Thursday I've got plans to go do something.  A friend from work, Dustin, wants me to go bowling with him and this girl he is seeing, Brandy.  Brandy has a friend named Nicole who is always with her.  Nicole is not really my type, but Dustin says she was asking about me and thought he'd invite me along.  I figured, why not?  I'll have to skip out on work, but I don't much care.  It should be fun.

Last Saturday I bought a rifle.  I've been thinking about getting one for a while, but was not sure which one I wanted.  I finally settled on a Ruger Mini-14, which is a semiautomatic chambered for .223.  Sunday I went shooting and I did pretty damn good for open sites, in my opinion.  I was only shooting from maybe fifty yards or so, but I was tearing my target (about 8" in diameter) up.  I had a lot of bull's-eye hits and most of my shots (I shot thirty-eight rounds, not much) went into the target.  I really enjoyed myself and I am planning on doing it again next Sunday.

I want to buy some twenty round after market magazines for it.  I really hated having to stop and reload the five round mag that I have for it.  I'm going to pick up a couple of extra's today, but I don't know what capacity they'll be.  


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