Thursday, June 23, 2005

I Meant To Do More

Damn.  Damn it.  Shit.

I really, really meant to do more these past couple of days.  Instead I spent most of my time on my couch not really interested in anything but the newest book I just started reading.  I've had it for years but never started it.  It's called Unintended Conseqeunces.  It's fiction, but also very historical.

It traces the history of firearms and the people who love them through the twentieth century.  It also evaluates the the affect of of gun control laws on American culture.  It really comes at the issue in an interesting way that makes me look at the issue in a different way then just thinking there are just some nuts out there who want to go out and have a good shot'em up with automatic weapons. 

Since I started it, and I'm only about an eigth of the way into it, it's made me think the issue through a little more.  Putting it into historical context, the Second Amendment was meant to insure that if at any time it became necessary the people of the United States would have both the equipment and the know-how to overthrow a military backed US government.  The idea was to make sure that ultimately the power stayed in the hands of the citizens. 

Now there is an obvious threat to the government there. But there is supposed to be.  That was the point.  The idea was to give teeth to everything the Constitution and Bill of Rights said.  I can see why those in power would want to do what they could to restrict this right.  However, if the government is no threat to the people and their freedoms, and it's not supposed to be, then this shouldn't be a problem.

There is also a benefit to the goverment if your citizenry, at need, can pick up a weapon and march off to war with little to no training.  Can you say, "Kiss my ass North Korea and your million man army?  Fuck you China?"

Now, I see the problem of say, 80% of the adults in my apartment complex having M-16's.  Some nut is going to get pissed off and start shooting people, right?  Okay, that's not good.  But what happens when his fifty sane neighbors start shooting back?  Suddenly, problem solved.

Now, Michael Moore advocates gun control to a large extent, but says we should leave hunters' their rifles and shotguns.  Okay, say we did that.  We'd still have a huge problem.  The first would be rising crime rates in states with concealed carry laws, because the police would be suddenly outnumbered and outgunned by the criminals.  The second is this:

President John F. Kennedy was shot and killed by a former marine with a cheap, piece of shit Italian rifle.  That rifle had a cheap scope and and was operated by a bolt action.  Every time you shot you had to operate the bolt to reload it.  I can go out, right now, and buy a better rifle and scope at Walmart for about four hundred dollars, which I just happen to have in my wallet. 

Gun control laws are out there to protect the government from the citizens, not to protect citizens from other citizens.  It is a fact, that in states that have laws that allow citizens to carry a concealed weapon for defense crime rates are lower than those states which don't allow citizens to carry.  That means if people carry guns less women get raped, less people get murdered.

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