Friday, May 20, 2005

Something New and Interesting...Sexs blogs!

As everyone knows, or should know, I like erotica.  Well, it goes to reason that if I like fake stories about sex, then I probably like real stories about sex too.  Well, of course.  So if I want a cheap thrill a pick up an issue of Penthouse Letters, which is a pretty cool magazine with letters from people describing their depraved acts.

I didn't go to work last night, and I was bored out of my mind.  I got to thinking that there are online journals about everything so I signed onto AOL and typed "sex blogs" into a search engine.  I got a hell of a lot of hits, and I checked out a few.  They were pretty interesting, but most of them sucked for a variety of reasons: content, ability to write, voice, etc. 

While I know most of my readers (honestly, do I actually have readers?) are probably not interested, I am.  I found one journal that I really liked, but it has not been updated in a long time.  I wish it were current.  I've already read through the whole thing.  It's called Naughty Little Housewife, and it's about a naughty little housewife.  This woman is amazing.  Definately the type I would like to marry.  Anyway, if anyone is interested, check it out.  If not, don't. 

It's very explicit, and this woman has little to no inhibitionss.  I guess what I find most interesting is that she lives in the south, probably in Alabama.  I'm just guessing about that last though.  She says she appears very straight laced to most people, but inside is just a total slut.  I guess what's most intrigueing is that I could see this woman everyday, think she was just some nice conservative woman, and she could be thinking about giving me a blowjob every time she smiles at me.  I find that funny.  You really never can know what other people are thinking inside.


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autumnsavril said...

LOL, I will be checking this out when I catch up.  Remind me.  Sounds interesting, and I'm always game for something new.  (Okay, not ALWAYS, but most always.)