Friday, May 20, 2005

100 Things About Me

Apperantly this is an old online journal thing to do, the list of a 100 things about yourself.  I can't say I've ever seen it before.  I kind of like the idea though, so here it is:

1.My name is Robert 2. It means "bright fame" 3.  I don't know what "bright fame" means 4. I'm brutally honest 5. I love everything Star Wars 6. Except the fans 7. I'm a Trekkie 8. I worship women 9. I'm a radical feminist 10. I can't help but feel protective over women 11. I guess that makes me a sexist too 12. I can be very contradictory 13. Reading is one of my true passions 14. Writing is another 15. I've had third degree burns 16.  I was once in the Boy Scouts 17. I was too busy screaming in pain to remember 'stop, drop, and roll' 18. I have many scars but am not 'covered' in scars 19. I don't mind scars 20.  I have no tattoos 21. Girls with tattoos are hot 22. So are girls with myriad piercings 23. I don't have of those either 24. I work at WalMart 25. I hate WalMart 26. I once had sex with Japanese 'massage therapists' 27. I did not pay for it 28. My cousin did 29. Prostitution does not bother me as longer as the whores unionize 30. Redheards are the best 31. I'm not a redhead 32. I'm a blonde 33. I'm currently infatuated with a busty blonde beauty 34.  She doesn't look like the typical busty blonde beauty 35. That's why I'm infatuated 36. I hate dating 37. I really, really want to though 38. I'm socially retarded 39. I live alone 40. My two best friends are a married couple 41. They are not an "old" married couple 42. I feel like a third wheel sometimes 43. They never try to hook me up with anyone 44. I don't know if that's a good or bad thing 45. My last attempt at dating ended before the first date with "let's just be friends" 46. We didn't remain friends very long 47. I have an extensive dvd collections 48. I've watched anime porn 49. I loved it 50. When it comes to sex, nothing between two consenting people bothers me 51.  I mean nothing 53. I don't think that is abnormal 54. I don't think it's normal 55. I don't want to be normal 56. I don't think there is such a thing as normal 57. "Normal" people are unathentic 58. I find most women attractive in some way 59. That doesn't make dating any easier 60. I love pizza 61. I drive a Honda Civic EX SE 62. Yeah? Well, it impresses me! 63. I've never used a car to pick up girls 65. I have used a dog 66. And my little sisters 67. I can't dance 68. I have tried 69. I admit it was fun 70. I also admit I was three sheets to the wind at the time 71. Being drunk can be fun 72. It can also be depressing 73. I've had my heart broken 74. To my knowledge I've never broken a heart 75. I'm jealous of that 76. I am twenty years old 77. I've only had one real job 78. I worry to much 79. Sometimes I worry that I don't worry enough 80. The most beautiful sights I have ever seen are all naked women 81. I find women who don't wear make-up more attractive than those who do 82. Angelina Jolie is my goddess 83. I prefer average girls 84. I think people with flaws are more unique 85. I don't believe in perfection 86. I want to be perfect 87. I always want what I can't have 88. I wonder if I'll still desire a thing with the same intensity after I get it 89. I already know the answer to that is "yes" 90. I don't think I've even scratched the tip of the iceburg about myself 91. My favorite toy as a child was G.I. JOE 92. I want to be divorce attorney 93. No, I don't see anything wrong with profitting from someone else's misery 94. I'm not a very "moral" person 95. I adhere strictly to my own moral code 96. I think morality is relative 97. I think Relativism as a philosophy is flawed 98. I'm a philosophy and history major 99. I lived my first ten years in California 100. I've been told my Southern accent is sexy 


autumnsavril said...

I still say #34 is NOT about you.  #28 is not about you either, and you can't twist that one around like you did #34.  #29 is hilarious.  #41 is not about you.  I remember #45.  I remember #46 too.  #57 is not really about you, but I suppose if you put, "I think" in front of it, it would be, so I'll let it slide.  #62 is pretty damn funny.  You should try #63.  :)  #83:  Define "average."  #84:  What if the flaw is common?  Or more common than those who do not have the flaw?  #100:  I didn't know you had a southern accent.


autumnsavril said...

I may do this sometime in the near future.  Hope you don't mind if I steal the idea from you.


rampage841512 said...

Not at all, I may even have to do it again to try and get it right this time since I made SO many