Thursday, April 28, 2005

To Write a Paper

I had a paper due in my Existentialism class yesterday.  Tuesday I started preparing to write it.  I work best under pressure, so I waited until the last minute.  I talked to Stephanie a little and she told me she was going to start on her's Tuesday night.  I went to the library and picked up some books.  Stephanie called me later that night to see if I'd started yet, and I hadn't.  She had, and she thought she might need my class notes.  She considered coming to my apartment so we could work on our papers together, but she was too tired.  It sucked that she didn't, but it was probably for the best.  She told me to call her if I hadn't talked to her by eight Wednesday morning.

I got up at four yesterday morning and started on my paper.  It went pretty quick.  I called Stephanie at eight and she was just getting up.  We talked for a few minutes and then we both got back to work.  When I finished up around nine I decided to shave and get dressed so I could drop it off at eleven.  After I finished shaving Stephanie called me to see how I was coming.  I told her that I had finished.  She said she hadn't, but would try to in the next thirty minutes. 

She called me back at ten thirty and said she needed my notes to finish her paper.  She asked if I would come by since I had to drive to UAB anyway.  She lives about ten minutes further away than UAB, but I decided I wanted to see her anyway.  So I drove to her house.  When I knocked on the door she answered in her pj's.  She said I had gotten there fast.  She invited me in, saying she had just rolled out of bed.  And it was obvious she had, but...

Stephanie is gifted.  This girl is naturally beautiful.  Not just pretty, but beautiful.  She used to play softball, and she has a fit, very feminine body (big breasts, full hips, and a very nice ass).  She's short (I like short girls).  She has blonde hair (not my personal favorite but this is the type of girl you make exceptions for) and blue-gray eyes.  A one word description:  "Hottie."  She wears no make-up, and needs no make-up.  It would only detract from what nature has blessed her with. 

...she still looked amazing.  She's standing there in skin tight yoga pants and a ratty old t-shirt about two sizes to big, and I'd take her just like she is.  How many women can roll out of bed and look that good? 

I sat in her dining room with her while she used my notes to start finishing up her paper.  I think she noticed I was a little bored, because she told me to go drop my paper off and come back.  She said she'd finish up and change into something nice and we would go get something to eat and maybe see a movie.  That sounded good to me so off I went.

I drove to school, parked at the Humanities building and went to the fourth floor.  My teacher, Dr. Whall, was in her office doing some paper work.  I gave her my paper and she thanked me and said she would see me next Wednesday for the final.  I walked over to the library and returned the books I'd checked out (I usually turn them in a month late).  Then I headed back to Stephanie's.

She had not finished her paper or changed when I got back.  One of her friends had called crying telling Stephanie her boyfriend of three years had split up with her.  Stephanie finally managed to get off the phone right before I got back. 

While she finished up her paper I read a cooking magazine that was lying on the dinning room table.  Finally she finished it up and went downstairs to print it and change.  She came back up looking excellant in some lowrise blue jeans and this tight black shirt with elbow length sleeves.  She also had a load of books with her to sell back to the Snoozy's, one of the text book stores. 

I drove, and we headed back to UAB.  I wouldn't have minded if she had driven, but she can't drive for shit.  I walked with her to Dr. Whal's office, now locked and empty, and we slipped the paper under the door.  Then we went to Snoozy's and Stephanie made forty bucks off her books.

After that we went to this Mexican restuarant called Sol Azteca.  The place was nice and the food was good too.  I love Mexican food.  Since Stephanie just turned twenty-one she had her first margarita.  She took the first sip and said it tasted like strawberry flavored tequila.  I took a sip and found that she was right.  It was really strong.  I laughed and said I would have to tip the waiter extra. 

When we left Stephanie was tipsy, if not drunk.  It was funny.  I actually paid the check with my credit card, and she was supposed to give me cash.  We forgot about that, so I'll hit her up for the money Wednesday, if I don't see her before.  Funny thing is, I'm only twenty, and technically they sold me a margarita.  I just realized that right now.

I drove Stephanie home.  She showed me a new way to get to her house that was quicker than the way I knew.  When we got there I stopped to let her out and she turned and gave me a hug and told me to call her later in the afternoon.  She was going in to take a nap before picking up her brothers and sister at school.

On the way home I cursed the fact that she has a boyfriend for about ten minutes.  It sucks.  And the worst part is realizing I'm not just interested in getting into her pants.  I want more than that.  Fuck me running.  I can pick a lost cause, can't I?

Anyway, I stopped by Books A Million and bought a bunch of books I couldn't afford to make myself feel better.  It never fails.  I go in there for one book and come out with it and a handful of others.  I have to stop doing that. 

And I hav to talk to Stephanie.  I call her later today.  I fell asleep and didn't wake up until midnight, so I didn't call her.  I don't know what I'm going to tell, but I have to tell her something.  I'm probably setting myself up for a fall, but I've got to take risk if I'm going to find the girl I'm looking for. 


autumnsavril said...

Sounds like your subject line doesn't quite match the subject of your entry here.

I usually tell people to get out what they're feeling towards another person, but is it a good idea to do so knowing she has a boyfriend?  And I thought she was single, anyway?  Unless this boyfriend has come along since you first started writing about her.  Anyway, as far as I can tell, guys are very jealous and territorial, and I'm wondering if this could affect your friendship if her boyfriend has a problem with you openly admitting your feelings.

Just a thought.


rampage841512 said...

From what I can tell, she is more loyal to her friends than her boyfriends.  And besides, I could kick his ass any day of the week.

I wasn't so much thinking of letting her know the depths of my feelings as just making it absolutely clear that I am available for the time being, I am interested, and if she finds herself single and willing in the near future she should give me a call.  

autumnsavril said...

I guess it does all boil down to her, not her boyfriend.  So if you think she's more concerned with her friends than with him, it could be a wise move.  You know a lot more about the situation than I, of course, so your opinion is what matters.