Tuesday, April 5, 2005

Poker, Star Wars, Gypsy Magic, and Writer's Block

I've actually done a lot the past few days.  Saturday afternoon I went to John and Jennifer's to play poker.  Seven of us played.  John's friend from work, Tyler, came and he brought his friend Laythe (weird name).  Anyway, I was on a roll the whole time.  I took all of Laythe's chips in the first three hands and doubled my chip count.  I was chip leader most of the night.  It eventually came down to me, Jennifer, and Tyler.  I had to either hurry up and win or quit because I had to be at work.  We had all put in five dollars and were playing winner takes all.  I decided I couldn't win, so I helped Jennifer get as many of my chips as possible before I quit.  Since I had to leave, and I didn't get knocked, I got my five dollars back.   Jennifer ended up winning about thirty minutes after I left.

Sunday morning I couldn't sleep so I decided to go to Books A Million and pick up a few things.  The most important things I bought were two hard covers of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith.  I bought one to read and one for my collection of first editions.  I'm over halfway finished reading it and it is going to be a great movie.  I can't wait until May. 

I also bought a book called Gypsy Magic.  I've read the introduction and it seems pretty interesting.   At the very least it hasn't been tainted by fluffy bunnies as far as I can tell.  It's all about Romany (gypsy) magical traditions which date back a long time.  I'm hoping to learn new and interesting things from a real, ancient magical tradition as opposed to the so-called "secret/old" ways of the fluffies.  At the very least the fortune telling stuff will be fun to learn.  I could set up a booth at UAB and make some money!  I used to always think it would be fun to be kidnapped by Gypysies when I was a little kid.  Isn't that weird?

I also had this serious case of writer's block I just got over.  That story I was working on was going great and then I just lost the will to write.  I didn't know if I could continue it and I just started.  I don't know what exactly caused it or why it ended but this morning it was gone.  I've got my mojo back, baby, yeah!

Okay, I'm done.


autumnsavril said...

Who wrote _Gypsy Magic_??  Sometimes the name of the author tips me off to whether something is crap or not.


rampage841512 said...

Patrinella Cooper