Sunday, April 10, 2005

My Weekend

This weekend has been okay, except for the fact that I have to work weekends.  I work tonight and tomorrow night and then I am off for two days, which will be nice.  I don't have any classes next Tuesday and Thursday, which is a big relief, although I need to study a bit for my finale.  I also have about six different paper's to write.  Four of them are for Psych 101 and will be short, so that's good.

I can't remember what I did Friday.  For some reason my mind has gone blank.  I know I did some yoga.  That's something new I've gotten into in the past week or so.  I like and I'm doing about forty minutes every day, twenty in the morning and twenty in the afternoon.  It's nice, very relaxing.  And you feel like you've done a workout afterwards.  Some of that stuff is really strenuous.

Saturday I went to John and Jennifer's to play poker.  I didn't not do so well this week and I lost five dollars.  It sucked, but I've played worse.  I was a little aggrivated about how some people were playing too.  When it got down to three players I started dealing for them.  It was John, Jennifer, and our friend Logan.  Logan was sitting low stacked, but he kept getting good hands.  John was bitching at me like it was my fault even though I was shuffleing better than I usually do (which is good, considering I'm the best dealer of us all).  The last Logan got a good hand John threw a fit and yelled at me to give him the cards.  I said fuck it, threw him the cards, and left.  He'd been an asshole most of the night and it was pissing me off.  He's suck a fucking sore loser sometimes.

I guess after I left everyone told him was an ass he'd been becuase he left me a voicemail apologizing.  He called me again to apologize this afternoon, which was nice of him.  I think I deserved that much.  I was not too mad when I left, I was just sick of his shit.  I'm not the type to put up with bullshit from anyone. 

Anyway, this afternoon he, Jennifer, and I went to see Sahara.  It was a pretty good movie for a cheesy action flick.  It had some good funny moments too.  I've wasted six bucks on worse things.  Now I'm just waiting to go to work.  I'm glad my off days are coming up.  I need them.  I've been exhausted all week for some reason.  But there is one think I am looking forward to tonight.  There is a really cute cashier named Lori who works there.  I'm going to try and get her phone number if she's working tonight.  I meant to last night, but I only saw her once and didn't get to say more than hello. 

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autumnsavril said...

I'm glad he called to apologize.  Major cool points.