Thursday, February 17, 2005

Yesterday and Today

Yesterday started out good and then slowly descended into utter boredom.  I got my exam back in Existentialism.  I made an 87 on it.  I was happy with it.  Sure, an A would have been better but so could have my performance.  Stephanie showed up  to class late, and I made fun of her.  Later she ate one of my I ate one of her pretzels.  I think I was cheated.

After school I came home and watched a couple of movies.  The first was Into The Sun.  It was okay because of the action but the plot and story pretty much sucked.  I watched one or two others but I'm not sure which.  John and Jennifer came over letter and Jennifer cooked tacos.  It's kind of nice having someone cook for me in my own place.  

After eating we went driving around, bored out of our minds.  We stopped by our friend Logan's house.  I think we are going to party there Friday night.  That should be fun.  I'll have to cough up some cash for a bottle of Gentleman Jack though.  After Logan's house we went to Target.  No, I don't know why.  Anyway, it turned out to be a good thing.  I bought some movies:  3 Clint Eastwood westerns and Get Shorty.  The sequel to Get Shorty is coming out soon.  It's called Be Cool.  John's never seen Get Shorty, so we will probably watch it tonight if he comes over.  Jennifer has class tonight and I'm not sure she'd be interested anyway.

Today has been okay so far.  I skipped my Psych 101 class.  There is not much point in going since it is an intro. class.  Anyway, I went Tuesday.  I did go to my Philosophy of Science class though.  I got my first assignment back.  I made a B on it.  So it's been okay.  I also got my first phone bill. 

Bills are evil.  But you what is even worse?  Connection fees!  They suck.  Forty dollars to flip a switch and make my phone work.  Cocksuckers.  Oh, well.  People working for the phone company got bills too. 

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