Saturday, February 12, 2005

Not feeling so good

I am not feeling so good right now.  I don't know why.  It just started a few minutes ago before John and Jennifer left my apartment.  I feel sick to my stomach.  I guess it could just be indigestion, but I ate hours ago.  I just hope it passes soon.

Anyway, today was an alright day.  I watched Shaun of the Dead this morning.  John came over about half way through the movie.  It was really good.  It's a British comedy.  I doubt everyone will like it but I enjoyed it.  After it was over John and I watched the last half of The Long Kiss Goodnight on TNT.  It's also a pretty good movie.

When Jennifer got off work she came over and we went to eat at KFC.  I think that is what might have me feeling sick.  I'm not sure though.  After we ate we sat around my apartment for a little while and then decided to go to the mall.  We mostly just walked around.  Jennifer bought John a pair of pants. 

We wen to a sports and outdoors store called Dick's after that.  The selection there sucked.  It used to be Galyans, and they sold pistols.  I had my eye on one for my twenty first birthday.  Now they only sell hunting rifles and shot guns.  I'll have to look somewhere else. 

I bought some old rap cds from Circuit City.  I bought a Dr. Dre cd, a Snoop Dog cd, and an NWA cd.  I have not listened to them all yet.  I have not heard a lot of the songs in years.  It was weird.

When we finally got back to my place we sat around talking for a while.  We talk about just about everything.  Which is cool.  Niether John or Jennifer is uptight about things.  Still, I'd rather not know the details of Jennifer's last trip to the gynecologist.  Unfortunately for me when I said that she proceeded to give me a few choice details. 

In truth it doesn't bother me a bit, but this is someone else's wife.  But, oh well.  It's not like I don't get every detail of the sex life and everything else.  I joke about charging them for marriage couciling sometimes. I guess it's good that we can talk without worry to each other.  It is how friends should be.  Now, if I could find my own significant other to have worry free conversations with I'd be set. 



autumnsavril said...

Interesting that you watched the last half of The Long Kiss Goodnight on TNT the other night, 'cause I did too.

I'm kind of slow getting to things, 'cause my AOL alerts aren't delivering my alerts?!  I don't know why, but I'm hoping AOL gets their ass in gear and fixes the problem, 'cause it's obnoxious.  The only time I actually get alerts is when *I* post a new comment on one of *my* journals.  What good is that doing me?

Sorry you're feeling sick, hope you're over it by now, but if not, hope you get over it soon.

And don't worry, women will talk about their OB visits and stuff 'til the day they die.  We don't care, and we think men shouldn't either.  We think it's hilarious that a lot of you men get disgusted hearing about a period.  Kinda funny actually . . .

Wanna know about my periods?  I'll tell you:  I haven't had one in the last four months.  MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, I am GREAT!  LOL  I'm also slightly crazy today, but I'll be okay, promise.


rampage841512 said...

Like I said, it doesn't really bother me.  But she's my buddy's wife.  So it's a little weird.  Still, me and her joke around with like there's something going on between us.  It's fun.  He thought he had me today...said I wouldn't want to go near her this week.  I looked him dead in the eye and said, "I've got towels."

autumnsavril said...


rampage841512 said...

My thoughts exactly...although he